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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is one of the world’s 10 largest tyre manufacturers and undeniably the go-to brand for racing enthusiasts. This Milan-based Italian giant has been unstoppable on racing tracks and competitions across the world. It is the sole tyre supplier to the Formula 1 World Championships, the pinnacle of competitive racing.

It should come as no surprise that most of its tyres are inspired by lessons and techniques learnt from races.

Pirelli is one of the most popular high-end tyre brands in the United Kingdom. If you are looking to give your new Porsche or Range Rover a little extra heft, a set of spanking new Pirelli models should do the trick.

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We retail most of the models that Pirelli brings to these Isles. Also, we have a number of channels from which we acquire the finest new launches.

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Which Pirelli models should I purchase?

Since this Italian icon has an extensive range of tyres with several variants of each, selecting the perfect set can be rather difficult to an untrained eye.

But we have gathered enough experience over many years to help you out. We list some of the suggestions below. You can refer to the suggestions below and buy Pirelli tyres Cambridge either in person or online.

For SUV owners

Regardless of whether you own a bigger car like a Chevrolet Traverse or a Buick Enclave, or a smaller CUV akin to the new sub 4-metre Kia Sonet, you may safely choose the Pirelli Scorpion Verde.

This is an all-season 4x4 tyre which promises to reduce fuel consumption by a significant margin and conquer most terrains. Its lateral stability is unmatched, and the tread patterns should satisfy even the most demanding SUV owners.

Please ask our service experts to decode the right rim diameter and weight plus speed indexes for your SUV.

For hatchback owners

There are plenty of hatchbacks in the UK. The top-selling models include the Skoda Octavia, Toyota’s Prius, Audi A3 Sportback, Honda’s latest Civic and the new Ford Focus. For all these cars, Pirelli has its P7 Cinturato.

The Cinturato abides by the 2012 EU norms, boasts of superior cornering and braking, a class-leading compact central block that absorbs most of the vibrations on roads while also aiding in faster acceleration.

Thankfully, this model has several rim diameters too. Our technicians consider these the best value-for-money Pirelli tyres Cambridge.

For sedan owners

The Pirelli P6000 is your best bet if you own a BMW 3 or 5 series, an Audi A6 or the elusive but powerful Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Pirelli has packed a punch with this new model, mostly thanks to some additions including rigid lateral blocks for superior cornering, superlative comfort on almost all surfaces and elliptical sipes on its shoulders.

Of all car tyres Cambridge for expensive sports sedans, Pirelli’s P6000 is probably the model that has it all.

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