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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Wheel balancing refers to the process of equalising the weight of your vehicle’s wheel-tyre assemblies to ensure that it travels smoothly even at high speeds. Even a minor imbalance in weight can cause the wheels to wobble, thereby compromising your driving experience.

If you’re looking for a reliable garage for car wheel balancing Cambridge, your search is now finally over.

Fix My Tyre is the answer to your “wheel balancing garage near me” queries. Our certified experts are here to cater to all your car wheel balancing requirements.

Note that your vehicle’s wheels need to be balanced every time you swap, rotate or install tyres Cambridge. Keep reading to know more.

What are the common signs of wheel imbalance?

    • A vibrating steering wheel:
    • Vibrations in your car’s steering wheel is a clear signal of wheel imbalance. Even a mere half an ounce of weight difference can cause the steering wheel to vibrate.
    • Difficulty in steering:
    • Unbalanced wheels can also make your car’s steering wheel less responsive. Consequently, you’ll find it extremely difficult to steer your vehicle.
    • Inconsistent tyre wear:
    • Unusual patterns of tread wear generally indicate incorrect wheel balancing. Hence, we’ll recommend that you keep an eye on the tyre treads. Take your vehicle to a
wheel balancing garage Cambridge
    immediately to avoid further trouble.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency:
  • The resistance created by unbalanced tyres of a vehicle put excessive stress on the engine to keep the car rolling. Due to this, the engine requires significantly more fuel to keep on functioning properly.
  • Damaged wheel bearings and shocks:
  • The components of a wheel assembly, like springs, bearings and shocks, are more likely to get damaged due to wheel imbalance.

So, you must ensure that the wheels of your car are correctly balanced to avoid unnecessary expenses in repairs or replacements later.

When it comes to wheel balancing Cambridge, Fix My Tyre has gradually become a favoured stop for clients.

Drive down to our facility for professional car wheel balancing Cambridge (static or dynamic), and our trained experts will get your vehicle’s wheels balanced in no time.

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