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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Run Flat Tyres

Being a car owner, you already know the hassles of a punctured tyre. Runflats are the answer to this predicament.

With a set of run flat tyres Cambridge, you can drive up to 50 miles at 50mph even with a flat.

Fix My Tyre is a trusted dealer of run-flat tyres in Cambridge. You can now end your “car tyres Cambridge searches with us.

Why run flat tyres?

You will get the following benefits with runflats:

    • Reinforced sidewalls

Run-flat tyres come equipped with strengthened sidewalls and reinforced inserts, which can support the weight of the vehicle for a certain amount of time. The rubber inserts play a crucial role in maintaining your car’s stability even after a blowout. If you are looking to buy run flat tyres Cambridge, Fix My Tyre is an appropriate place to start and end your quest.

    • Safety

Many of our patrons have poured in thankful words for run flat tyres Cambridge. These units allow you to safely travel to the nearest garage in the event of a puncture.

    • Control

Run-flat tyres have the capacity to carry the load of your vehicle without compromising on the handling and vehicle stability. This makes runflats quite popular in the UK.

Pay us a visit at Fix My Tyre to purchase an ideal set of run flat tyres Cambridge for your vehicle.

Various manufacturers are incorporating run-flat technology in their tyres. Some of the notable run-flat units available at our garage are listed below:

  1. Bridgestone RFT (run flat tyres)
  2. Continental SSR (self-supporting tyres)
  3. Michelin ZP (zero pressure)
  4. Goodyear ROF (run-on-flat)
  5. Pirelli RF (run flat)

You can come and have a look at our inventory first-hand and choose the perfect set of run-flat tyres.

In case you need any help, our experts will be more than delighted to be at your service. Call us for a booking or if you have any query. Visit our workshop at your convenience during business hours.

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