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All tyres sold in Europe come with a standard EU tyre label that reflects crucial information about the units’ performance based on three performance metrics – fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise.

From 2021,the EU is about to enforce new regulations. The tyre label will also relay information on snow and ice performances as well as mileage and wear.

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Decoding and understanding the EU tyre label

  • Fuel efficiency
  • This parameterreflects the rolling resistance of the tyres and is crucial to estimate the wear and tear and fuel efficiency. The EU tyre label rates fuel economy from A to G, where A refers to the most fuel-efficient unit and G corresponds to the least.

    You must choosetyres London with rating ‘A’ or ‘B’, which have low rolling resistance, and thus, deliver a fuel-efficient performance.

  • Wet grip
  • This performance metric gauge the stopping distance of tyres on wet roads. Similar to fuel efficiency, wet grip too is rated from A to G, where A represents the shortest braking distance, and G stands for the longest.

    Typically an “A” rated tyre will stop 18 m before a G rated tyre under similar conditions.

  • Noise level

The rolling noise generated by tyres is measured in decibels. This measurement is essential to check the noise pollution caused by the units. It’s represented with three sound bars, wherein one filled bar corresponds to the least noise, whereas three filled bars indicate the maximum noise levels.

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