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Firestone Tyres

With a long history of association with motorsports events and 120 years of experience in the automotive industry, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is a global leader in the tyre segment.

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Top Firestone tyres Cambridge

Firestone Multihawk 2:

Firestone Multihawk 2 is a summer tyre, ideal for passenger cars. The unique rubber compounds, along with unique tread design, delivers excellent braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, this tyre reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Multiseason 2:

Firestone has manufactured this all-season tyre to deliver improved all-round performance in any weather condition. Designed with an all-adaptive compound and moderate tread depth, the Mutiseason 2 offers improved braking on both wet and dry tarmacs.

Moreover, this tyre follows the winter-tyre legislation, which means it has the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake rating (3PMSF). Thus, this model is capable of offering an enhanced driving experience on snowy roads without breaking a sweat. Also, the tyre ensures improved mileage compared to its predecessor, the Firestone Multiseason.

Winterhawk 3

Firestone has designed this winter tyres to offer outstanding performance in wet and slippery conditions. A large number of sipes that are present on the tyre’s body ‘bite’ snow exceptionally well, thus ensuring superior traction and grip on snow-covered roads. Nonetheless, this model is well known for its enhanced braking performance and cornering precision.

Destination HP

If you are looking for a reliable performance in every weather condition, opt for Destination units. While the tyre’s specialised tread pattern reduces the risk of hydroplaning, the its shoulder blocks ensure maximum grip, responsiveness and handling.

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