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Avon Tyres

    Owned by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, the British brand of Avon from Melksham is known to be a trusty little brand for tyres. Founded in 1904, the company has been making tyres for motorcycles, passenger cars, SUVs, and sports cars for over a hundred years now.

    Avon earned its principal reputation as a tyre for motorcyclists and the sports car market. Till this day they are a trusted brand name in this field.

    The company recently announced the uber unique all-season tyre Avon AS7. This tyre boasts of the latest resin and silica compounds in its foundational make-up which accounts for the above-average traction. We look forward to this newest offering in the class of all-season tyres.

    Here are some other products from Avon. Take a look!

  • Summer Tyres
  • The summer tyres from the house of Avon are suited to cope with the wet and dry conditions of summer tarmacs. They come with quiet handling and increased tread life. Some of the tyre names are:

    • Avon ZX7
    • Avon ZV7
    • Avon ZT7
    • Avon ZT5
  • Winter Tyres
  • The winter range of car tyres Cambridge from Avon is a classic ice and snow fighter. They are highly rated when it comes to dry and wet performance and provide a quiet ride under the given slushy weather conditions. Also, their handling on wet roads is remarkable.

    • Avon WV7 SNOW
    • Avon WT7 SNOW
    • WM-VAN
  • All Season Tyres
  • All-season tyres usually merge the best aspects of both summer and winter varieties to form one unique tyre. The handling on this tyre is exceptional when it comes to accelerating and braking. Avon has just one tyre under its all-season variety and that is the flagship Avon AS7, which was announced in November 2020. The tyre comes rated with a 3 Peak Mountain SnowFlake and Mud + Snow ratings.

    We compliment you on your choice of Avon’s products and wish you the safest journey Buy online or visit Fix My Tyre today!

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