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Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. This Japanese stalwart in the field of creating rubber products has managed to wrest the top position from its contenders. It did this on the sheer strength of its technological expertise and meticulous attention to detail. So if you have chosen to buy Bridgestone tyres Cambridge, then we commend you on your choice.

At Fix My Tyre, we stock the gamut offering from the Bridgestone family. For a good reason too, they are of top quality and notable performance. Take a look at some of the names. Your search for
tyres Cambridge brings you to the House of Bridgestone.


Blizzak is one of the finest names in the category of winter tyres. Winter tyres, made with deeper treads and a higher sipe density must cope with the harsh road conditions of extreme snow, frost, and sleet. To prevent slipping, they must also provide a suitable firm grip. Blizzak represents all of this.

This tyre family boasts of superior braking performance and has a much shorter braking distance. Choose any of these if you are looking Bridgestone tyres Cambridge for the winter.

  • Blizzak DM-V3
  • Blizzak Ice
  • Blizzak LM005
  • Blizzak W810


What does a summer tyre do for a driver? It provides him with the best control, grip, and traction. The Turanza was birthed keeping these ideas in mind. The family is a strong, long-lasting, and rigid, competitor that has also won several awards. It has got excellent fuel economy thanks to reducing the rolling resistance.

Moreover it also provides more mileage than its competitors. Want to purchase Bridgestone car tyres Cambridge for the summer? Turanza is an excellent option. Take a look at some of the names offered.

  • Turanza T005
  • Turanza EL 42
  • Turanza ER 30
  • Turanza ER 300


For those enthusiasts who enjoy off-road driving, the Dueler family is your tyre of choice. It ticks all the boxes for being dependable, hardy, and won’t disappoint you in the middle of a long drive. It comes in the all season and summer varieties. Striking a balance between both on-road and off-road features, the tyre provides a comfortable and safe drive. Also, it gives robust control on wet tarmacs. Choose these Bridgestone tyres Cambridge at Fix My Tyre for off-road purposes, and you won’t regret your choice.

  • Dueler A/T 001
  • Dueler H/P Sport
  • Dueler H/T 687
  • Dueler H/T 689

Weather Control

All season tyres are becoming popular as time goes by and people aren’t looking to switch between summer and winter tyre products. Choose these all-season Bridgestone tyres Cambridge and enjoy the benefits of both summer and winter features in one product. Bridgestone’s all-season technology though highlights the tread design and the compounds that make up the tyre. Take look at some of the names under this family.

  • Weather Control A005 EVO
  • Weather Control A005 EVO with Driveguard Run-Flat Technology
  • Weather Control A005
  • Weather Control A005 with Driveguard Run-Flat Technology

Your search for bridgestone car tyres Cambridge ends at Fix My Tyre!

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