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The Southern regions of France are justifiably famous for their food, wine, cultural heritage and overabundance of tourist destinations. What remains often overlooked is that this region is also home to Michelin- the world’s 2nd-largest tyre manufacturer and one of the oldest companies in the world.

Headquartered in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Michelin also owns notable tyre manufacturers like the Goodrich-Uniroyal Company and Camso, which is known for producing various parts for rugged and heavy vehicles including solid tyres and undercarriages.

There is hardly a country where Michelin’s iconic tyres are not sold. They also occupy a significant portion of the United Kingdom’s tyre market.

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This French giant’s tyre portfolio is astounding, and many of our patrons have a slightly awkward experience when choosing a suitable set of Michelin tyres Cambridge. However, we have experts available at hand; they will help and guide you to a great extent.

Which are some of the most popular Michelin tyres Cambridge?

Besides its superior manufacturing standards, there is another reason why Michelin has so many fans spread across the world.

Michelin was the first major brand to recognise that tyres could be branded and marketed properly, just like any other consumer product.

Before that, all manufacturers did was to develop slightly advanced tyres and put them for mass-market sales. But Michelin changed the whole industry; its ‘Michelin Man’ logo is an advertising icon and is an indelible part of this company’s heritage.

But to return to our list top-selling Michelin car tyres Cambridge, here are some models which have seen increasing popularity and higher sales.

Michelin Energy XM2: It is a summer tyre with enviable wet grip. Its large and sturdy tread pattern is asymmetric and responds very well to ‘panic braking’, especially if your car has ABS.

It has a single downside: it is rather expensive. But it has the one of the best EU tyre ratings that any comparable model from rival manufacturers. With excellent fuel efficiency and ultra-low running noise, this model can be your first choice if you plan to use them for premium cars.

Michelin LTX Force: It is a competent SUV tyre with 19 variants and rim diameters between 15 and 18 inches. Many clients of ours’ have stated that these are probably the best car tyres Cambridge for their 4x4s or CUVs.

These are all-season models and can easily handle almost any surface including mud and light snow. However, they cannot be studded, and we recommend that you use the next model if you live in a particularly snowy region of the UK.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4: The latest and the lightest member of Michelin’s long-running winter range, the PA4 is ideal for dealing with anything that winters can throw at you! We store a number of different rim sizes of these Michelin tyres Cambridge.

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