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Nexen Tyres

If you are looking for a set of Nexen tyres Cambridge, turn to Fix My Tyre.

You can either come down to our facility to buy a set or book tyres online via our official website.

Why Nexen?

This company has won numerous awards for its eco-friendly and unique tread design. Some of its award-winning tyres are-

  • NFera SU 1
  • Roadian AT Pro RA8
  • NFera SUR 4
  • N 9000
  • Winguard Sport

Nexen produces quality units for passenger cars, SUVs, vans as well as light trucks. We stock most of the Nexen models at our facility – Fix My Tyre.

Buy Nexen tyres Cambridge from us

  1. For passenger cars<
  2. The primary requirement of any passenger car is to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Tyres play a significant role in achieving this as even the slightest increase in rolling resistance can affect one’s driving experience.

    Nexen car tyres Cambridge provide exceptional handling performance with their revolutionary tread designs. They also provide shorter braking distances on both wet and dry roads. If you are looking for some extremely durable car units, you can invest in-

    • Roadian MXT
    • N Blue 4 Season
    • N Fera Primus

  3. For SUVs
  4. SUVs come with broader wheels that require larger tyres manufactured explicitly for them.

    4x4 Nexen car tyres Cambridge feature unique tread designs that enhance their wet and dry performance significantly.

    If you wish to reduce the fuel consumption of your SUV without compromising with performance, opt for the following tyres-

    • Roadian AT 4×4
    • Roadian HP

    You will find all these and much more at our garage.

    Do not search for “tyres near me” anymore; buy you new Nexen tyres online or visit our service station.

    Call us for a booking. Please note that our experts are highly conversant. Should you need any help, they will also guide you to select the perfect set of Nexen tyres Cambridge for your vehicle.