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Davanti Tyres

    A relatively new name in the global tyre market, Davanti tyres Cambridge is a UK based company. They started their operations as a distributor, and now they have moved towards manufacturing. Their manufacturing unit is located in China, and they distribute their products via local retailers.

    The presence of Davanti tyres has increased significantly in recent years, and the company has updated its entire product range this year. Here are some of the popular products offered by Davanti.

  • DX640
  • If you are a performance car owner, then this variant of Davanti car tyres is a perfect fit for you. This ultra-high performance tyre has an advanced silica compound and purposeful tread design that makes it ideal for track usage. It offers superior traction and braking performance, which is helpful for daily usage as well.

  • DX240
  • One of the most popular products of the Davanti tyres range, this tyre is ideal for city usage. Suitable for passenger cars, this tyre is well-known for its low noise, and fuel efficiency. Also, it offers exceptional grip around the corners, irrespective of the road condition.

  • DX740
  • If you are an SUV owner, then this product from Davanti tyres Cambridge is a perfect match for your vehicle. Specially designed for such utility vehicles, this tyre allows you to maximise the potential of your car. Its tread depth enables you to glide over road imperfections, and the tread design offers a superior grip.

  • Wintoura range
  • If you are looking for winter-specific tyres, then the Wintoura range is the one for you. This range of tyres contains products like passenger tyres, commercial tyres, and SUV tyres. Also, there is Wintoura +, which offers superior performance during this season.

    Like any other winter tyres, this entire range offers superior traction, and braking during the harshest conditions.

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  • Terratoura A/T
  • One of the latest addition to the Davanti car tyres range, this is an all-terrain tyre. The rigid construction and purpose-built tread design allow it to tackle any obstacle that comes in its way.

    Terratoura A/T is also an all-weather Davanti tyres. It has a winter certification (Three-Peak Mountain-Snowflake) that makes it a perfect fit during slippery winter roads. The tread pattern of this tyre allows it to provide exceptional traction and stability on both tarmacs and off-road stretches.

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